Getting Started with micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a great first step for people of all ages to start coding their RVR+ or RVR robot in new environments and languages. Small yet powerful, micro:bit’s inputs and outputs—everything from buttons to a sound sensor to a speaker to an LED light matrix—can expand what you can do with your RVR+/RVR. And unlike with a raspberry Pi, you can connect a micro:bit to a RVR+/RVR with a basic micro USB cord.

Required Equipment

To follow this guide, you’ll need:

Let's Get Started

Choose the best setup path for you. Which of the following describes you?

A. I am new to micro:bit, and am interested in block programming, or just want the quickest and simplest setup path.

Microsoft MakeCode is a beginner-friendly editor with blocks, python, and JavaScript options. Get started on this page.

B. I'm pretty good with micro:bit, and want to code in Python, and I'm familiar with using terminal. I want to use this Pi with RVR+/RVR.

The new and improved micro:bit Python editor is the ideal programming environment for your very first programs in Python. Get started on this page.

Already set up your RVR+ with micro:bit? Explore some of the following resources to go further.