Setting Up micro:bit with MakeCode

Microsoft MakeCode is a beginner-friendly editor for coders moving from block to text programming, in either Python or JavaScript. It runs directly on your web browser and makes programming your micro:bit and RVR+/RVR simple.

Open MakeCode and Add the RVR/RVR+ Extension

Get started by opening the MakeCode micro:bit editor and start a new project.

Give your project a name like RVR_microbit_first_program.

In order to be able to program RVR+/RVR, you’ll need to install the RVR+/RVR extension. Select the “extensions” option in the sidebar.

Type “RVR+” or “RVR” in the search bar, then select the “RVR SDK” tile. 

You’ll now see all of the RVR+/RVR blocks in the sidebar and are ready to start programming! 

Create a Simple Program

MakeCode has lots of tutorials and examples on how to use their editor to program a micro:bit on their landing page. We encourage you to check them out to learn about all of the capabilities of your micro:bit V1 or V2.

For the purpose of getting up and running as quickly as possible with RVR+/RVR, drag and drop blocks to recreate the program below in MakeCode. You can drag and drop blocks just like you would in a Sphero Edu block program.

The program will:

Flash the Program to the micro:bit

Now that you’ve created the program in MakeCode, it’s time to transfer it to your micro:bit. This process of copying a program into your micro:bit’s memory is called flashing.

There are two ways to flash a program from MakeCode to your micro:bit.

For more information on flashing programs to your micro:bit, refer to micro:bit’s support site.

Run the Program on RVR+/RVR

Now that your program is downloaded onto the micro:bit, it’s time to run it on your RVR+ or RVR.

Disconnect the micro:bit from your computer, then plug it into your RVR+/RVR. Your robot should be powered off.

Press the RVR+/RVR power button and watch the program run!

Remix the program by adding, removing, and manipulating blocks and see what you can create!

Go Further

Looking for things to try next with MakeCode, micro:bit, and RVR? Here are a few ideas: