Heading and Aiming

One of the things that makes Sphero robots so unique is that its heading is relative to the user, not relative to the robot. This makes it much easier to get Sphero robots moving in the direction you want. Note in the diagram below that zero degrees is directly away from the user while 180 degress is toward the user.

Heading and Aiming

For simplicity, only 90 degree increments are shown in the diagram but you can specify the heading down to 1 degree.

Aim Your Sphero

Each time a Sphero robot is turned on, it needs to be "aimed".
This means setting the direction that Sphero will treat as a heading of 0 degrees. Aiming is accomplished via Sphero's small blue "tail light". Sphero's tail light is inside the robot where Ollie's is located around the USB charge plug.

tail light

Each Sphero app has a button that lets you set the tail light, which looks like this:

To use this button, touch and hold on it and then slowly move your finger around the circle. You will see the blue tail light rotate.

When the blue light is pointing directly at you, remove your finger.

Now, if you tell the Sphero to move at a heading of 0 degrees, it will move directly away from you.

The student guides for all of the MacroLab lessons lead you through how to do this.

For an interactive introduction on how to aiming, use the Sphero app