Connecting A Robot

Connect Your Sphero

Pick up Sphero from its charging station, and tap it twice on the logo to wake it up. You may have to tap it hard. It will start flashing colors when it is awakened out of its “sleep” state.

On your device, make sure Bluetooth is enabled. From the home page, click on Settings at the bottom. Then choose Bluetooth.

You will be shown a list of Spheros. Connect to the appropriate Sphero by tapping it. You can tell which Sphero is which by the names, which relate to the colors the ball is flashing. For example, if it flashes purple, then yellow, then green, then that is ball PYG. Select the one you want.

Once successfully connected, it will say “Connected”.

Connect Your Ollie

Ollie and other future Bluetooth 4.0 Robots connect via proximity detection. While in a compatible App, simply touch your mobile device to Ollie and the two will be connected.